The Olde Yakima Letterpress Museum is dedicated to the preservation, study, and educational demonstration of 19th and 20th century letterpress typesetting and printing techniques, offering enthusiasts the opportunity for hands on learning in a working shop environment.

As a way to cultivate an interest in Letterpress Printing, the museum created The Letterpress Essay Contest to give students a glimpse of the people who have made the printed word come alive. Our primary target for the Esssay Contest encompasses all Middle School Students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades: Public, Private, Parichial or Home Schooled in Washinton State. There is no cost to the student or the school to participate.

Each year, the museum intends to expand on the characters who have transformed civilization through their words, innovations and discoveries.


The Samuel Clemens Essay contest, as an extension program of  The Olde Yakima Letterpress Museum is intended to give students an opportunity to explore some of the many characteristics of Samuel Clemens as a role model.
Essay Committee